Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Beginning: the 4th Doctor's Scarf

And so it begins - my 4th Doctor scarf!

I chose the season 14 version

Well, it took forever to get started because I restarted a couple times. First time because I had to change a color to one I liked better, the second time because I decided an everyday size would get more use than the actual size, and the last time because I didn't like the needle size. In other word, I was being a picky perfectionist - if you were questioning my type A personality, you probably aren't now.

I took a long time to start this project because finding the right colors was crucial if I wanted colors close to the real 4th Doctor's scarf. I also didn't want to order online, so I had to use what was available locally. Luckily the site I use for my pattern, Witty Little Knitter, has suggestions. Tara Wheeler, the woman who runs the site and put the pattern together, was great enough to list different brands and color suggestions. If you are interested in knitting any 4th Doctor scarf you should check out her site!

I'm using an orange color instead of the red pictured
I chose to use Vanna's Choice yarn. Once I had all my yarn I got started on the pattern.  I am now using size 9 needles after trying 7 and 8s. If I do this again I will most likely use 10s because it seems like my scarf is going to be shorter than I wanted.

Speaking of shorter, I did decrease the pattern in order to make it more everyday friendly.  I decreased the width and all the stripes by 1/3 their original sizes so I could maintain the original proportions as much as possible.

25% done so far! The light in my living room is awful, so the colors are off *sigh*

Need to weave in those tails!

I'll make sure to update my progress bar as I go - in case anyone is interested - but I'll probably only do weekly picture update.

Next up is working on a crafting project for my writing class. I have to do a demonstration;  mine is going to be a freezer paper stencil.


  1. I just finished my Fourth Doctor's scarf (well, except for the tassels), and I'm very proud. :) I used Vanna's Choice too...but I went for the full-size, so it took me quite a long time. I'd pull it out of a bag, people would ask what I was knitting, and when I said a scarf, they gave me that look like, "I'm not going to ask the crazy lady with the needles why it's about 4...6...8 feet long.) However, I did find kindred souls along the way - a bunch of times I pulled it out and the person next to me said, "Oh, is that the Doctor Who scarf?" :) I had to weave in the ends as I went along, because otherwise I'd NEVER have finished this project. I *hate* weaving in ends. Good luck with yours!

  2. I've been wanting to make this very scarf so I can do some cosplaying this upcoming Halloween (although it's probably not going to be finished in time) but the only problem with that is the fact that I don't knit. I actually crochet instead. I'm thinking that maybe I can get away with doing it that way, but I'm a little unsure of how it might work. I want the scarf to be the right length and width as well as the right pattern. I don't know if you crochet as well, but I was wondering what your thoughts were on that, and if it could work. If not, then that's fine. I could spend some extra time and just have my grandmother teach me how to knit, but hopefully I could crochet it and have it finished sooner.

    Thanks much, Maja Z.

    1. Unfortunately I do not crochet.
      I bet you can find a Whovian crocheter somewhere online that has.

    2. Hey - Mimi Christine Did you ever make the scarf? The actually BBC pattern says basically to follow the knit pattern but do a single crochet. I'm currently knitting my first Doctor Who scarf and I've only recently learned how to knit. I think if I ever make one for myself I will crochet is as I'm MUCH faster at it. Hopefully by the end of this scarf knitting will be pretty quick too. I also used the Vanna's Choice pattern from Witty Little Knitter.

      In case you are still looking for one - here is a link to the BBC's pattern. Crochet info is at the bottom.


      Personally - I'd use a much smaller hook (and I crochet tightly) and I'd make it only 10 inches wide like the original. :) Good luck!

  3. I am crocheting it. I have to pic up the yarn thank you for showing the colours you used. It takes a size F crochet hook. I found the original BBC pattern with adaption for crochet. I cannot wait to start this!! Been wanting this scarf since I was 6 years old and first saw Doctor Who on PBS!