Friday, June 24, 2011

The Doctor Who scarf lives!

It has been about 4 months since I've updated, which is mostly due to school, finals, and graduation. I am now ready to start up again! I even have some posts lined up for this weekend and next week : )

Before I weave in the ends of the stripes
Okay, so that Doctor Who, 4th Doctor, season 14 scarf. I did complete it and in a shorter time than I would expect.  It is a simple knit stitch patter, so you get in a groove after a bit.  Again, this scarf was reduced in size so it would be easier to wear.  It is 2/3 the original width and length.

I am no longer in possession of this scarf because it was a gift (which went over well, yeah!). I do have pictures; unfortunately, I did not remember to take a picture after adding the tassels. I was upset with myself - the fringe = completion.

Completed (w/out fringe)
There was a bit of a mail scare with the scarf.  In a desperate attempt to get a gift out on time, I made another season 14 DW scarf!  This time it was 2/3 the original length and 1/2 the original width.  I finished it in 3 days - my hands were quite exhausted. I do not have pictures yet; I must revive my camera first.  Once I do you will be able to see the fringe.

Keeping with the Doctor Who theme, I present you with another Doctor Who stencil.  I used a stencil pattern found on Crafty Tardis livejournal.  This time, however, I made a tote bag.
Same process as in my earlier post [here], but I started at the tracing step because I already had a pattern.

Here is the finished project:
Bag was pre-made and purchased at Michael's

Thank you to anyone still following me for sticking around!

Things to look forward to: a cooking post, plushies, and my first successfully sewn costume (cosplay for those in the know) piece

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  1. Loving the Doctor who stuff!

    Now if you could just knit me a David Tennant look a like that then comes to life...hehe