Thursday, February 10, 2011

Howl & Sophie

My Cross-stitch project is complete!!

Late last spring I found a ton of free cross-stitch patterns based off anime shows and films. They were all created by a screen name littlemojo, but, unfortunately, her site was no longer up and working.  A bunch of fans shared the patterns they had saved, but, on another unfortunate note, those websites are no longer running. Luckily I was able to pull a few before everything disappeared.

I am a huge Studio Ghibli fan, so I chose Howl's Movie Castle as my first project's theme.  The pattern is a movie still of Sophie and Howl with the background removed; it is from the beginning of the film if you are wondering.

This was the first cross-stitch of this scale that I have completed.  Usually, I just stick to small Christmas ornaments - easy and quick.  This is 151 x 91 stitches; it took me about 4 months to complete if I take out all the months I wasn't able to work on it.

Here is the halfway (-ish) mark:

The Completed Piece (Victory!):


I really love this pattern, so I decided to keep it, instead of gifting it like I often do with my crafts.  There is a special in town for cross-stitching and framing, so I'll probably go by there in the near future to get it backed and framed.

If you are interested in this pattern or patterns from this genre of entertainment, leave me a comment and I'll try to help you find what you are looking for.

Movie Side Note: If you like animation and fantasy, this is a beautiful and great film that you should see. It is actually based on children's book. I recommend the book as well. The two mediums differ greatly, but this is a case where neither is less satisfying because they are both great enough to stand alone and have their different stories.

Next crafting related post will be about the start of the formidable Doctor Who scarf. Actually, it isn't that formidable anymore now that I've edited the pattern for everyday wear. Expect it in the next couple of days Doctor Who fans.


  1. Ahhhhhhhh I LOVE ITTTT!!!!!
    So kawai!!
    If you have any patterns left let me know, if not I'll peruse myself (hello totoro cross stitch!)

    just reread the book last week too :)

  2. Hi there! I'd love to get this pattern and more if you have them. Can you help?

  3. Kerry: I have this pattern file, but I don't have any others saved. I have been able to find some sites with good patterns; it depends on what you are looking for though: Ghibli, anime, video games, general patterns. Let me know what more about what types of patterns you are looking for and I'll help you as best I can :)

  4. hi ally! you really made a good job there! i already found out this pattern and i am starting to stitch it right now... but i'd like very much if you can tell me where to find others from studio ghibli. i am a great fan of miyazaki :)

  5. Hi Sue,

    Check out DeviantArt. There are are few cross stitching groups that have patterns free for use. I don't remember how many Ghibli I've seen, but there may be a few. Ghibli has been hard to find.

  6. HOLY....... THAT IS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nice work!!! ;D
    now I really wanna do a pokemon cross stich

    p.s.: Studio Ghibli is epic XD

  7. Oh I am SUCH a fan of Studio Ghibli! If you still have this pattern, would you mind very much emailing it to me? I would so love to do it. How big did it actually end out to be? I want to do a cross stitch from all my studio ghibli favourite movies. I just finished a little Totoro. :)
    My email is

  8. Hey! I know this post is a million years old and I don't know if you still check your blog or not... but I absolutely love this pattern. LilMojo is out of commission and all her patterns have started dwindling away on the internet. Would you be able to email it to me if you still have it? Much appreciated!

  9. OMG!!! it's just beautiful, Perfect. Howl's moving castle is one of my favorites movies ever!!!
    Could i ask you for the pattern?!
    i'll wait your answer. My e-mail is

  10. Hi, I love it!!! Would you be able to share the pattern? My email address is
    Thank you!

  11. Watch you'll be offline now too. I'm looking for this Howl and Sophie pattern and littlemojo has taken down his site. If you're still up and running could you send the pattern to please?

  12. heya. I was just wondering if you still have this pattern? and if so could you send it to me to this email address
    thank you! x

  13. Hello! I will be tremendously grateful if you could send me this pattern thank you!!

  14. Hi if you can send me the pattern I will be very happy. Thanks so much

  15. Hello!!! I would like to do this cross stitch. I would like to ask for this pattern. Please email me at Thank you very much.