Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fleece Blanket

For my sister's birthday, part of my gift to her was a home sewn blanket.

We were at Hancock's Fabric and she found a dinosaur printed fleece she liked, so I offered to make something out of it.  I have a flannel blanket with a silky border, which needs repairs it is so old, and she asked for a blanket like that.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take progress pictures, but I plan on making another one around Christmas.  Then I'll remember the progress photos... hopefully.

Fleece Blanket:

1.5 yards of fleece or flannel
2 packages of blanket binding/border
Thread matching blanket binding
Sewing Machine

I did an extremely simple blanket.  I had 1.5 yards of my sister's chosen fabric cut.  I left it in the shape it was in from the store - my sister approved of the shape, since it was large enough to cover her.

I purchased blanket binding in a color that went with the colors in the fabric; I purchased only one package at first, but found later that I needed two. My process for attaching the binding will be different on my next blanket.

1) Lay out the fabric so it is flat. Iron flannel if necessary, be careful with fleece - it can burn

2) Pin binding to fabric. Make sure not to bunch fabric or pull to tight. The fold of the binding should match up and touch the edge of the fabric, so all the binding is on top of fabric.
Instructions I found say start pinning on a side not a corner, but I don't really like the look of a seem in the middle. I haven't tried starting at a corner, so I can't honestly suggest it.

3) Corners take a little practice. I'll post how to pictures next time since I'm sure my instructions won't be clear. Anyway, on both sides of the blanket, fold fabric over so it makes a point  over the corners point.  There will be a fold line down the middle of the corner. Doing this on one side should  cause the other side to do the same thing, but, if not, then repeat.

4) Finish pinning all the way around

5) Sew the binding on. I used a normal straight stitch, but I meant to use a zig-zag stitch to keep the edge of the binding from flapping up. My sister didn't care, so I kept the straight stitch at 1/4 inch from the edge of the binding.

When I revive my camera, I will take pictures of the corners.  Then I will add a better how-to for blanket binding corners.

I won't be cooking much in the near future due to my work hours, but I do have some past sewing and crafts I am going to try to post more regularly.  I also found this great knitting book, so I have that to work on as well as my Halloween costume.