Friday, July 15, 2011

Striped Birthday Cake

I lied - more food!

It was my sister's birthday, so I made her cake.  We came across this tutorial for making a vertical striped cake and thought we'd attempt it for her bday.

Since this was a new technique, I save myself some trouble and just used boxed cake mix and canned icing.  I even bought Betty Crocker Cupcake Icing to decorate.

It didn't come out as nice as the tutorial because I am not an amazing baker. I'm good, but I don't have awesome skills.

First I made round cakes. My 2 boxes of mix made four 8 inch cakes, you will have 2 cakes or just extra cake at the end.
I used strawberry and chocolate cake.

After baking, removing from pans, and cutting off the tops to make the cake flat, I stacked cakes of the same flavor on top of each other (both strawberries together & chocolate together) and put them in the freezer to cool.

After freezing for a couple hours (3, I think), I took out the cakes and cut them into circles, so the cake looked like a bullseye.  Next time I will make a proper template; for this first attempt I tried measuring, which didn't work out. I had a gap I had to fill because my measurements were a little off from one cake to the other.

After cutting, I switched alternating colors between the cakes. Now you have a bullseye with alternating colored rings. I wrapped the cake in saran wrap and put in the freezer to try and mold the cake together. That didn't really work, mostly because my circles didn't fit each other properly.

After an hour in the freezer, I took the cake out. If frozen, thaw cake in the refrigerator; if not (like mine), go ahead and add icing.

I spread on white icing as normal, but tried to add decoration with the Betty Crocker Cupcake Icing in pink.  The Cupcake Icing is a whipped cream like can of icing. It comes with decorating tips, so you can try different designs.  It worked okay.  The tips worked perfectly and the icing tastes great; however, I had trouble stopping the flow of icing once it got started. This caused some extremely messy designing.  Fortunately, the cake was tasted good enough for my sister to forgive the mess.
If I was to use that pressurized icing again, I would first have to figure out how to control the flow better.

Now for a bunch of pictures:

The whole cake


Details and sprinkles

The inside:

The first piece served

Half the cake

 The candles:
I found special "Rainbow Glow" candles at the grocery store. The burn colors!

Back row, L to R: White, Green, Red
Front Row, L to R: Orange, Blue

Next time I try a cake pattern I am going to do a checkered sheet cake.

Next post will be crafty. I got a great haul from a craft store shopping out, so I'll be showing that off with some completed projects.
Then... probably more food in the near future. My friend and I want to have a Harry Potter themed baking day. The movie release has been quite inspiring!

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