Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mousakka & Recipe Tips

I haven't written about cooking in a long time, so I'd do a small post.

Fun cooking has not been happening lately because I usually bake for fun, and there has been a constant supply of baked goods lately.

I did make Moussaka a couple of weeks ago. I absolutely love mousakka.
Moussaka is a dish made up of layers of eggplant and minced/ground meat as well as tomato paste or sauce. The is also, typically, a Bechamel sauce on top. There are multiple variations depending on the chef and origin of the recipe.

For my version of Moussaka, I mix recipes.  Therefore, I do not have a recipe to share - sorry.  I have compiled the parts of different recipes I use into one.  I will do that next time though, it would probably be helpful and cut done cooking time, haha.

I remembered to take a picture of my finished product... of leftovers the next day.  It isn't as pretty as when it came out of the over; plus, it isn't melty and gooey looking since it is cold.

It was delicious!

Since I have to recipe to share, I thought I'd share some tips for recipes.

1) Improvise if you feel comfortable - If you don't like something in the recipe or would like something added, do it.  Recipes are a lot of testing and altering when you are trying a new one, so you might as well try the changes you'd like.

2) Check for seasoning in recipes: Sometimes recipes do not give you seasonings to use.  Remember to add appropriate seasonings (salt, pepper, paprika, herbs) to your dishes. I have become so wrapped up in doing all the steps of a new recipe correctly that I forget salt & pepper because it wasn't listed. Don't make my mistake.

3) Finding info: Speaking of seasonings, you may be unsure what types to use if it isn't listed. Check your cook books, online, and even the herb/seasoning containers for helpful info.  You can find info about what types of proteins go well with different herbs or what type of seasoning is found in certain types of cuisine.

4) Lastly, if you're not sure of the instructions while reading the recipe, look for other recipes or tutorials to supplement.  One of my Moussaka recipes has confusing instructions for making the Bechamel sauce. Luckily, I use a Bechemal type process for my homemade mac & cheese, so I used those instructions.  Some one out there will explain the instructions in a way that works for you. Everyone understands differently.

I hope some of those were helpful or made you see you aren't alone in not getting something right the first or knowing info on all sorts of techniques and spices.

More crafting in the future - if I can get motivated to iron and cut fabric. I love sewing; I dislike the prep.
I would really like to do an Artist Alley at a convention or have a booth at an art fair sometime in the future; however, I need to practice more and come up with more designs. So, that is what I'm working on now.

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