Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cute Fabric Bows

I have an obsession with cute things, especially accessories, clothes, and fabrics.

Bows fall in that category. This is what led me to making my own bows out of my fabric scraps.

Sewing bows is actually much easier than it might seem; at least I thought it would be harder.

Above are the bows I have made so far.  The argyle and brown/tan bows were the first two I made. The fabric is a little loose around the middle, but practice makes perfect.

The bows don't have anything attached to them, which makes them a versatile accessory.  You can slip a bobby pin through the fabric loop for a hair bow or use a safety pin to attach the bow to a bag or outfit.

To make the bows I went through a process similar to that of making a tiny pillow except, after flipping the fabric pouch right-side out, I sewed the hole closed without filling the pouch will fluff.

The square/rectangle was then folded or scrunched and sewed down in the middle in order to get the bow shape. Lastly, a thin piece of fabric was wrapped and sewn around the middle of the bow.

There are real tutorials and patterns around the net. The patterns range in materials and skill level required - there are even no-sew an minimum sewing tutorials - so find the tutorial that is right for you if you are interested in the little DIY project.

In the future, after some more practice, I might try selling these with some of my other craft projects. I'm going to try adding details - like button charms, lace, ruffles, etc. - in order to create different styles.

Speaking of details...
I went craft supply shopping a couple times this week. There were sales and coupons that demanded my attention.

I came out with a decent haul that will help in my goal to create a crafting stock pile.

Fabric: Fleece, flannel, and felt. Rose fleece was on $2 a yard!

New storage box and patterns ($1.99 yeah!)

Crochet hooks, buttons, ribbon, thread, needles, and binding

Up close view of my cute buttons

I'm looking forward to using my new supplies. So many possibilities.

I leave you with pictures of my bows in use:

Next time: Fleece blanket

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