Saturday, January 15, 2011

An Old Project + A New, Epically Long One

My new goal is to finish craft projects I start instead of forgetting about them.
In line with this new goal, I have taken a cross-stitch project out of the closet with the plans to finish it.  I started the pattern about 8 months ago, but there were about 4 months were no actual work was done.  This is only my 4th cross-stitch project and it happens to be quite large for an amateur like be - so it is taking a while.

I like working on long term projects while I work on smaller or mostly completed projects to break up the routine. As I have no long term project, so it is time to pick a new one!

My new project is.....
Knitting a 4th Doctor Scarf!

Yes, it is another Doctor Who craft.
I might cook everything, but I craft geek - just for your future knowledge.

I have put progress bars in the side bar at the left so you can all follow my progress (if you care). I'll probably post about the scarf as I go. However, the cross-stitch project won't have a post until it is complete due to there not being much to write about during the process.

Before I leave you:
I apologize for not having any cooking experiences to share so far.  I really need to restock the kitchen in my house so there will be actually food to cook. Cooking posts to come soon, though, as I am going grocery shopping tomorrow.


  1. The tracking is a cool idea! I actually thought of you the other day when I was reading the mental_floss website. They had an article on how Dr Who changed life as we know it lol...

  2. "I craft geek" love it!
    My parents have a childhood cross stitch of mine proudly framed on their wall...because it took me 8 years to finish it!! I totally understand things taking awhile ;)