Friday, January 21, 2011

First Cooking Post: Chicken Tenders & Fries!

Finally, my first cooking related entry.

A healthier version on chicken tenders and fries was the endeavor. It was a success!

I used a Weight Watchers recipe and it was quite delicious.
Instead of using a batter and frying, this recipe calls for bread crumbs and baking.  I was surprised at how much flavor the chicken had. The fries were also baked after being coated in a small amount of vegetable oil - also tasted delicious.

Since the recipe isn't really free unless you have a membership, I'm not going to post the actual recipe.  In the future I will post any recipes I create and link to free ones around the web.

However, the recipes are pretty basic.
Fries - cut up potatoes, drizzle with oil, toss, season, bake
Chicken - coat in something moist (eggs, sauce, whatever you usually use), coat in bread crumbs, bake

Here is a picture of my outcome:

Not a post high in how-to or info, but the next cooking entry should be - it's cookies! (once I make them)

Crafting Update:
I've worked some more on my cross-stitch patter. At this pace it should be done by next weekend!

The scarf project starts this weekend! I know my bar says there is a smidge of work done, but I just gave myself credit for picking out all the yarn and supplies. Choosing matching yarn colors is harder than you think so I believe it deserves some recognition, haha.

This blog has definitely given me more drive to work on my craft projects. I hope I can keep it up.


  1. COOKIES! Yes please!

    I'm definitely practising my "stepford housewives" look in my newly engaged mode....goodness help me! :D

  2. mmm yummy!! Love ww recipes too! ok i am hungry now. =)