Saturday, December 3, 2011

Project Photo Dump

I have a couple photos of some projects I have worked on. No tutorials or anything, sorry.


 Another Doctor Who scarf!  The knitting is actually 100% done (not 75% like when this pic was taken), but edges and tassels still need to be done. This is a full size version of Season 14 with the 4th Doctor - it is much larger than pictured.

Hello Kitty Plush/Stuffed Animal - I made this from felt, thread, and poly fiber fill (fluff).  I sewed it together using a blanket stitch and a whip stitch.

Back of Hello Kitty


Sushi! It came out okay for my first attempt ever, but definite improvements to be made.  It is supposed to be a California Roll, so it is made of rice, nori, avocado, imitation crab meat, and cucumber.

Fun Geeky Hobbies:

I bought this D Gray Man puzzle at a convention. 1000 pieces way too much black, grey, and navy! I could only do the puzzle by natural sun light because the colors were too close and the indoor lights put a glare on the pieces.  It took me forever to finish, but I did it and it glowed in the dark.

I have a couple more pictures and will be working on some sewing - clothes - projects soon.


  1. I love the Doctor Who scarf! Maybe you could sell them (and various other crafty bits) on eBay or an etsy shop?

  2. I'll come eat the sushi with you :) looks yummy! Bx

  3. @Sarah: I hope to have enough crafty stuff to sell in an etsy shop, eventually. However, this will be my last DW scarf for a long while. They take a lot of time and yarn.

    @Becca - Anytime :)